Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Good Eats

Other than Springfield's own Longhair Persian Kitty Cashew, Granny Geek and The Snarling Marmont are fond of putting some food goodies up on their blogs. So I will do the same. Since I don't measure stuff here is a list of the ingredients -- put them together in your own artistic way.

One or two avocados. (These are one of those fruits that are best peeled and that thingy in the middle taken out so you can choke a squirrel) Cubed

One or two grapefruit ... whole is not recommended ...

Some Good Seasons fresh Italian Zesty dressing (the stuff you put together yourself - with olive oil)

Some lettuce

Salt to taste

Whatever else you have lying around -- sprouts, old hambones, tomato(e), tequila, a L'il Smokey left over from the State of the Union Address party, go easy on the Pringles though.


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