Sunday, March 19, 2006

Good Baptists... Bad Baptists

On crap-radio KWTO this morning Chuckie-Chuckles Wooten mostly wanted to express his dismay at a good high-school student, who happens to be a Mexican, should be put in jail and then kicked out of the country. Fine Xtain that Chuckie is ... he is also your typical Ozarks racist ... or maybe that is redundant. As bad as he was .. .the callers were worse.

But I think Granny Geek will take him to task for this loudmouthing .... instead I will provide a clip from a Baptist Preacher ... who doesn't like what other Baptist Preachers do ... even though they exactly represent his beliefs ... although not his public statements. (Which make him --- A HYPOCRIT!!!) Baptists are as much hypocrits as the rest of the fundamentalist crowd of homemade ayatollahs.

I find it interesting that Preacher Bill will condemn Reverend Fred Phelps, but won't condemn the also frequent caller to KWTO, and prominate member of the Cherry Street Baptist Church, Paul Summers, who says EXACTLY the same thing about gays as Fred Phelps.

The whole religion is rotton to the core.

Listen to it HERE.


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