Saturday, April 08, 2006

Chuckie utters a stupid - again

Chuckles Wooten, on snark-radio KWTO is on the air right now. I am of course, recording it to point out how stupid republicans can be. But before we get to todays clips, Wooter says he was in Jefferson City this week and the lege was all athunder about a helmet law for motorcyclists. This is while education and health care in the state needs attention -- but we gotta' get our priorities straight, right?

Woofie says that he objects to it because the proposal requires only people under 21 to wear a helmet ... he says that they can get brain-dead like the over-21s because they go to Iraq and fight for their country.

Er .... stupid ... you don't mind if I call you that, do you? In Iraq, that 18 year old wears a helmet.

More to come ... it's a wealth of clips this morning already and it's only 25 minutes into the 2 hour program. ... one racist joke attempt, ( listen to it HERE), and one landlord bragging about how he cheats on property taxes.


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