Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Weekly Dumb Chuckie Report

Chuckles-Chuckie Wooten, (R-MailMolester), the resident genius on radio station KWTO, can come up with something that beats all that's gone before on his radio program.

I have no fewer than seven clips from today's two hour program that illustrates his depth of thought, and insigtful nature when advocating his "save Bush at any cost" --- er -- mentality.

But I thought this one was best for several reasons. The Chimp is falling deeper and deeper into the pit of insanity, and of course right-wing radio is defending him at every step, no matter how insane they are becomming.

Chuckles had a friend on this morning with him. Called him 'Captain'. He says that he served in the Marines for 36 years, from WW II to Vietnam, and retired as a captain (O-3). He says he was a PFC at one time so let's assume he got a promotion to 2d Leutenant at some time. Probably not Vietnam, for several reasons. The main oone being that no senior enlisted man, which he would have been by that time, cares to become an officer at that point in his career. Let, say he went to OCS sometime in the 50's. That sounds reasonable.

Promotion from 2d Lt. to 1st Lt. is automatic ... you get it whether you deserve it or not. So too, the promotion from 1st Lt. to Captain. To go up to a field grade officer from there gets a little more difficult, but not much. Any officer who is not a total fuck-up, or incredibly incompetent will at least retire as a Major .... My pal, who was in the regular service made Major in 5 years ... and he admits that he is a fuck-up.

But just because there is something wrong with your bona fides that a listener might pick up on doesn't mean that you can't be a general too. And generals are speaking out nowadays. And he doesn't like it. Or at least he doesn't like what they say.

Haul their asses back into uniform so you can courts martial them, he says.

Listen to it HERE.


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