Sunday, April 23, 2006

Chuckles is a Clown in Name Only

As I listen to Chuckie Wooten (R-MailMangler) on hate-radio KWTO I am always surprised that he thinks he is entertaining. I have a piece of advice for Chuckles: If you want to be a funny clown like Karl Fox, don't act like a sad clown -- like Emmett Kelly. Even though Emmett Kelly had something you don't -- an entertaining act.

Woot-Woot is a good Repugly. He doesn't think much of the First Admendment to the Constitution. He thinks he can make the decisions of what he wants you or me to hear. And he is more than happy to use the trunchons and "other federal agencies" to do it.

The Rev. Pfred Phelps, of the God Hates Fags website, is a pretty disgusting person. But it's really keen to watch a loser like him make a loser like Chuckie look like an idiot. He must be laughing his ass off up at the Westboro Baptist Church, which incidentally is not a church -- it's a Baptist cult.

I know of some other Baptist cults around town. Some of them think exactly the same way Pfred does. Hoot-Woot never mentions them, even though prominate loudmouths call him and he always agrees.

Since the cops don't want to get sued by such a vile person as Pfred, Wootie-Woot calls in the big guns -- the motorcycle gangs. He doesn't mention whether or not he thinks a little boot-stomping would be appropriate, or maybe a chain-whuppin' for fun before they get back to the old meth lab in the broken down school bus in the woods.

Listen to it HERE.


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