Saturday, June 10, 2006

The biggest butt....

A certain radio loudmouth was a butt ... sorry ... the butt of a joke yesterday. He richly deserves to be the butt of the joke because he is a butt himself. And, like Rush, has a butt as big as Missouri.

The question is: Old Shatte'n'crap is trying to defend why the military lies to the American people. The easy answer is - because they can - and get by with it. The other reason is that is give some relief from the unrelenting bad news from Operation Fuckin' Disaster, gives King George something to brag and swagger for a day or two, and after killing him three times previously, finally gets rid of a bad actor.

Listen to the clip HERE .... but be sure to listen to all of it and get ready to spew your martini through your nose.


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