Friday, June 23, 2006

Some Really Great News

The Army announced yesterday that it will now accept enlistments of men up to age 42. This is truely a hidden blessing.

Tucker Carlson can run right out and serve his country by putting his ass on the line. So can Rush.

And best of all -- VD(J) can finally put his butt where his mouth is (pardon my redundancy by referring to VD's butt and mouth in the same sentence). By enlisting and showing the troops that he really does support them by carving up some 'taters in the mess hall, digging a few field latrines --- you know, stuff that fits his talent.

So VD, get your fat behind down to the recruiting office and show all us brain-dead liberals who actually put our tusshes on the line, that you are a great an American as us. Er -- don't forget your body armor....

Incidentally I am still working on the series of clips from yesterday ... such a wealth of listening ... will be up later.


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