Monday, June 19, 2006

You're a Chickenhawk? Get a Radio Show

I will have a clip up a little later ... but note that VD(J) is a chickenhawk. That is he never served in the US military ... and he never served in the Canadian military, and he never served in the Scharn ... oops ... the German Army either. In other words. He played duck and cover when it was his turn to put his fat ass on the line.

But that doesn't mean that he is not a military expert. For instance, he thinks that Walter Cronkite is responsible for our disasteous loss in Vietnam. For what he said after Tet in 1968. This might make more sense if the Vietnamese hadn't lost the war eight years later.

VD can't wait to see the next beheading on the net ... let's face it .. chickenhawks love it when it's other people dying. Just so long as they can run off at the mouth about it.

More to follow on this later today ...


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