Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Very Disturbing Report

My pal, Granny Geek, reports that her blog has been monitored by the Department of "Justice" and "Homeland Security".

Granny is about as much danger to America as my fat housecat.

But she is (a) a lib'rul, (stinkin'lib'rul to boot); and has (b) considerable influence in how the local chapter of the Americans for Civil Liberties is handled. Simply speaking out for protection of rights under our Bill of Rights is considered by the DOJ and the DHS as evidence of a tie to Al Kaida, Assama, and Billy'sBoyToyRoy.

I went back and checked the logs for this blog ... I didn't find any hits from DOJ or DHS ... but I bet they are there.

This is a John Poindexter dream come true. Monitor everybody all the time and build a big file to be used in the future.

Be warned ... if you come after me, I have a gun and I know how to use it against the enemies to this Constitution. I took an oath to defend it many years ago.


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