Monday, July 10, 2006

A New Blogger in the Hood

417 pundit, has brought some punditry to the brave new world of punditry.

He promises: "... We've been examining 417 area bloggers for some time and have finally decided to take them to task for errors, illogical thinking, and contradictions."

Unfortunately, his first arrow missed the target entirely. But, newbies are new and so I will give him time.

I agree with Fat Jack that this is not a bad idea, we all can use a swift kick every once inawhile if for no other reason than it keeps boogers meetings at the Pub lively. But picking on typos is probably not the best way to do it.

Andy once suggested to me that this blog should have a theme .. since I am a biologist, biology would be a logical. Unfortunately, it would also bore me to tears. Last summer, when Mike Brothers was writing his story on local bloggers I stated, and I will restate for 417Pundit's benefit. I write this for one person in the world. It's nice that it gets read -- does great things for my ego-- but actually, I could care less. People are used to the typos, outright misspellings, occasional syntax that makes George Bush look like Lionel Barrymore, and just some of the goofiest stuff to be found on the planet.

That's the way I like it.

Bring on the toons, poo-flinging stories and the picking on VD(J) and Billy'sBoyToyRoy.

Besides, since I write about Repuglies illogic is an indispensible part of the story. It could be worse. I could pick on the Libbyloonies.


Blogger The Libertarian Guy (tm) said...

I'll alert Knapp. ;)

7:52 PM, July 10, 2006  
Blogger John Stone said...

Lawdy ... don't do that ... he might decide to sit on me ....

I wonder if Fat Jack and the Marmot can talk him into the nekkid bicycle run???

I think I might get some interesting pics out of that...

5:09 AM, July 11, 2006  
Blogger Jack said...

No more naked bicycling for me, John-john. It ruined my seat last time and gave me some ferocious thigh-rubs.

Following your advice on nudity, I "let er rip tater chip" at the Rob Zombie concert, letting it all hang loosy goosy. Good thing there was a medic station as several were injured in the incident. There was a lots of jumping and a bit of moshing.

11:25 AM, July 11, 2006  
Blogger Ron Davis said...

Christ, John. A theme for a blog? We're doomed.

1:48 PM, July 11, 2006  
Blogger Jack said...

I'm surprised that this VDJ person you keep talking about hasn't written about it on his blog.

3:53 PM, July 11, 2006  
Blogger John Stone said...

Ya' gotta' understand, Jack. That would involve him *writing* something. His specialty is cut and paste.

Eh .... ?

4:21 PM, July 11, 2006  

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