Thursday, July 13, 2006

VD Loves Israel, Jews are Going to Hell

This morning VD(J) is off on that poor, befuddled, powerless country Israel. She just can't get along with her neighbors. He brings up the history of Israel. Hell, I am older than the history of Israel. Them damn Musilmites are bombing them with US F-16s. Apparently he has never heard of the Irgun. Where a guy named Begin bombed the King David Hotel and killed a bunch of Brits.

Israel is a tar baby. Anyone who touches it is stuck to it forever. And we are stuck worst of all. Talk about your uncontrolled nukes? Guess who gave them to them.

But best of all, my friend Dave, a gay librul high school teacher here in SGF tried to call VD(J) this morning to point out that kicking the shit out of your neighbors is not a good way to have peace, but ran into a bimbo named Courtney, who screens the calls. When she asked what he wanted to talk about he said he would like to ask, since VD(J) loves Israel so much if he thought the Jews were going to heaven?

Courtney said that that didn't fit the program content for this morning.


What it boils down to is the krazyxtains like VD(J) love the country Israel, because they are willing to kick the shit out of their weaker neighbors, with our help.

The Jews can go to hell....

Typical xtian thinking ... the Wannasee Conference was one of his favorite meetings.


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