Friday, August 11, 2006

Conservative Idiots

This one made the top ten last week; but just barely, he came in at number 8.

Aren't you getting a bit tired of news stories that start like this? "Once considered a rising star in the local Republican Party, Jeff Habay now is Inmate 135151.

"That's right - yet another Republican "rising star" checked in to Hotel Calaboose last week, just the latest in a long line of conservative crooks who've fallen afoul of the long arm of the law.

Jeff Habay, a member of the Pennsylvania state House, was sentenced to six to twelve months in Allegheny County Jail last week after a jury convicted him of "conflict of interest, finding he used state workers and resources for his political campaigns," according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "The judge also delayed imposing the sentence until Habay faced a second trial - at the time scheduled for July - on 21 separate charges of witness intimidation, making false reports to police and harassment."The second trial will delve into allegations that Habay mailed himself an envelope full of white powder, and then tried to blame it on a political opponent.

Conservative idiot?

I should say so.


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