Sunday, August 06, 2006

More Silly Campaign Ads

Probably the best one is for a guy running for State Auditor who announces that he is anti-tax and pro-life.

Of course the Auditor's office has absolutely nothing to do with either one of those things.

Or, "Col." Jack Jackson who is proud of his military aviation background. As some background footage of his stint with Boeing as a test/evaluation pilot he runs a commercial showing the Harrier Jump Jet. A McDonald Douglas product -- invented by the Brits to boot.

Silly season is upon us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:09 AM, August 08, 2006  
Blogger John Stone said...

I didn't ... I was about third in my polling place. I love primaries. It's the only place in the world where I can do as much mischief as is possible and no one ever knows what I did. I wonder how many dems around here have the same idea.

11:36 AM, August 08, 2006  

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