Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Absolute Garbage on KYTV News

I just finished watching a report by Lisa Rose on some sort of non-medical therapy for migraine headaches.

The "practitioner" was not a doctor, or even identified as having the least bit of medical or science training. In the "therapy" the practitioner wears some sort of a pair of gloves and does something around the head of the patient which not only will cure their migraines, but according to the reporter, will also cure their shingles and herpes. (Interesting since shingles and herpes are caused by a virus -- and there may be some very high-tech treatments for viruses, waving your hands around the patient is not one of them,)

This is absolutely total garbage, as are many of the "medical" reports on Channel 3. It is woo-woo-ism at it's worst. And the station, and Lisa should both hang their heads in shame for presenting it to the public.

Not only were no references given to any medical literature, the only evidence was from the patient, who said that the "treatment" cured her of migraines. I simply cannot tell you how many of these frauds are going around the US today. Go to Quackwatch (a huge site on medical frauds) to see some of them.

What will Lisa report on tomorrow? How eating your lawn clippings can cure your cancer? How looking a a picture of Mel Gibson will cure your impotence? (And reverse your circumcision at the same time)

This is shameful, from a local station that says it prides itself on a good news department.


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