Monday, September 11, 2006

Is Horrorwitz Responsible???

The rumor is out. That a combination of David Horrorwitz and the American Spectator Magazine (read that as Richard Mellon Scaife), is responsible for that slanderous abortion of history that the Disney Company put on ABC last night. To the tune of $40 million, with no advertising reimbusement to the stockholders of Disney Co. Smart CEOs they are.

This is supposed to be the Swift-boating of the demos for 2006. Lotsa' luck.

If I were Madeline Albright, I would definitely sue. There are others who will have a good tort case for defamation. Plus ABC may have committed a crime by using corporate money for a partisan purpose.

On the good side, as a production it stank as bad as a local cable production and was watched by half as many people who watched the football game.

The Swift Boat liars are not going to get by with it again.


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