Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Wikipedia Favorite Site

A former airplane driver who knows what a perv I am sent me the list of the top 50 wikipedia sites. He knew ... I swear he knew ... exactly which one I would look at first.

And that of course, would be #7 - The List of Sex Positions - illustrated! -see it HERE ....

OK, boogers.

As an opening topic for the meetup Tuesday at the Pub, how many of you can describe, in detail, the following terms, without looking at the page? The winner, if female, gets a date with me. If male, gets a date with VD(J).

Blossoming flower missionary
Butterfly position
Peace sign
The stopperage Hummmmm, no it's not VD's fav, however I do suggest that the Boogers all chip in for a year's supply of Metamucil and Ex-Lax for our anal retentive radio friends.

Viennese Oyster
Reverse cowboy/girl/Reverse Amazon/Nero -- wow ... I am probably too old for this ....

Persuading of the debtor
Playing of the cello
NASCAR -- very fast, just for older people ...
Back handspring meets fellatio - sounds like an act from the Cirque d'Soliel

And of course, the ever popular, --- Phone sex --VD(J)'s favorite

Ain't the net wonderful?


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