Monday, August 28, 2006

Culinary Delights for Granny and the Marmot

PZ over at Pharyngula has given us a list of deli items to be enjoyed as you tour the livestock barn and just before your ride on a 100 ft bungee cord.

Fried cheese puffs
Cajun Season Alligator Sausage on-a-stick
Deep Fried Cheese on a stick
Jerk pork chop drummy
Pancake wrapped around sausage on-a-stick
Uffda Treat
Belgium waffle on-a-stick
Australian Battered Potatoes
Cheese-burger calzones on-a-stick
Wild Rice corndogs
Key Lime Pie on-a-stick
Egg-roll on-a-stick
Fried-Egg Bagel Sandwich
Pizza on-a-stick
Political pop
Deep-fried twinkies
Frozen Coffee on-a-stick
Deep fried cheese curds
Tater-tot hotdish on-a-stick
Spaghetti and Meatball on-a-stick
Deep-fried candy bar on-a-stick
Deep fried oreos
Deep-fried spudsters on-a-stick
Spicy buffalo chicken filled wonton
Blackened Cajun steak on-a-stick
Bug juice
Scotch Meatball on-a-stick
Puff-daddy on-a-stick
Pizza burgers
Ice-cream on-a-stick
Fresh chocolate dipped marshmallows on-a-stick
Wall-Eye on-a-stick
Mac-n-cheese on-a-stick
Batter-dipped deep-fried chocolate chip cookies on-a-stick
Fried ravioli garlic bread

Yummy ... throw away your crock-pot.

As my pal Jim Bohannon points out: It is the easiest way in the world to apply spackling directly to your arteries. I have a great photo of him trying to get JoDee Messina to give a taste to a deep fried twinky ... just after she had gone thru rehab and was big into bicycling ... he acted like a single-person relapse clinic.


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