Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stories that CHATTER missed ....

"My wife, Kim was telling Fred's wife about me and my owl watching and described how I got the owls to hoot back at me." She says, "That's funny, that's just what Fred has been doing", said Neil Simmons.

Fred and Wendy are neighbors in Stokeinteignhead, Devon, England. And then the dime dropped. "I felt like such a twit when I found out".

Fred and Neil spent a year hooting to each other from their gardens every night, each thinking the other was a real owl. "I couldn't resist hooting at the owls. I was absolutely delighted when they hooted back", Fred Cornes said. ""I never realized I was fooling my neighbor who was fooling me.

Call this hooting yourself in the foot.

Ohio Weslyn University has it's clapper back. "I can finally live in peace. Do you know what it is like, carrying that thing around for all these years?" reads the anonmyous note that accompanied the clapper, which weighs 40 pounds, and was from the bell of the school's Grey Chapel, which was stolen "decades ago" in a student prank. The negative reaction from the other students made the culprits afraid to come forward to return the bell banger.

I guess the Kleptomaniac Kollegians kept the copper clapper they copped in the closet, contrite, but incapable of confessing until conditions cooled.

Thanks Johnny Carson and Jack Webb.


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