Monday, August 14, 2006

Lisa Lays Another Rotten Egg

Lisa Rose, the medical reporter for what KYTV likes to think of as the best local news program has bombed again. The problem is, that the station gets this stuff from some sort of syndicator, and the local reporter does a "voice over" according to the script, and like today ... doesn't have the foggiest idea of what the quality of information is that they are presenting to the public.

Tonight, it was "healing touch" or pehaps better known under it's older name of "therapeutic touch".

This is where some lulu woo-woo waves hands over the patient to adjust the patient's "energy field/aura/vapors/" to cause something to happen -- the "something" always remains undefined.

It's hard to know where to begin debunking this bunkum. Let's start with this: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A "HUMAN ENERGY FIELD"!!!!!!! (reference) It has never been observed, never been measured, leaves no impact on either the world around it or on the human himself.

No where was this more, or better, disproved than a grammer school science fair project conducted by 10 year old Emily Rosa in 1998. Read about Emily and her experiment HERE. It would seem that Lisa could have taken two minutes of her time to look this up on google, (it's #4 on the page), and save misleading her viewers. But why bother with facts if it interfers with a good story in local news?

I next expect to see the weatherman consulting a indian medicine man to do a rain dance to bring needed moisture. Or perhaps they would like to do a feature on the ability of dowsers to find the reason for that sinkhole in Nixa. Both would have as much credibility as Lisa and her segment.

I can get more physiological reaction by waving my middle finger at a traffic cop than any "therapeutic touch" artist is going to get from this waving hand "healing therapy" --- that they also have the gall to charge the patient for doing.


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