Monday, March 05, 2007

The Evils of Woman, from Baptist Bible College

One thing Assama and the Phat Pfool Pfalwell share is their dislike for women. It's a common thing amongst the repugly fundamentalist types. Here is some more from the BBC Student Handbook.

All students are required to be in the dormitory not later than 10:30 PM, unless specifically excused by the dean. (Male students may be given oral permission in keeping with future evangelistic endeavors).

On Friday night, this time is extended to 11:00 PM.

Single members of the opposite sex ARE NOT to walk about the campus together, hold hands on campus, visit or sit together between classes or sit together during classes. [I guess this means I should not take any more nude photos of coeds reclining on the grass in front of the BBC sign in the middle of the night -- I was careful to do it after 10:30, when all the BBC girls were tucked into the dorm.]

Class Behavior: Be in your assigned seat and ready for work before the starting time for the class. Have your assignments, pen or pencil, and textbook ready when the professor [sic] arrives. Please stand as the professor [sic] enters the room and remain standing for a prayer, a song or a short devotion or whatever the professor [sic] may have in mind to start the class. (Multiple recitations of selected verses of the Song of Solomon are not allowed - SEE: males dating faculty)

In the cafeteria there are separate serving lines for men and women. Please observe them.

On "date night" and on Sunday noon, men and women may sit together in the cafeteria.

...pedal pushers are out of place.

Students must secure permission from their respective ayatolla ... er ...dean to accept an invitation to stay overnight in the home of a friend, to depart from the dormitory after hours or on weekends, to attend mixed parties, (also rave concerts), or to leave the city in company with the opposite sex.

Students are permitted to attend their respective church services within the city limits in company with the opposite sex (attendance will be taken), provided they return to the dormitories immediately following the services.

Gentlemen may be permitted to taxi the ladies to and from their places of employment in couples or in groups, provided both parties receive special permission from the Ayatolla .. er ... Dean. This permission is to be granted on the condition that the driver delivers his passengers or passenger at their places of employment without unnecessary stops, in a time limit needed to cover the distance in a normal driving time -- the same condition applies to the return trip.

(Hell, I can find enough loopholes in that Saria Law to get laid by the entire squad of Sugar Bears on the way to work).

Students marrying during the school year, including the [x]mas holidays, will forfeit their credits for that term and the privilege of entering the following term.

Keep in mind that BBC is a Christian institution. Not like the mudderassas others run to control people.


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