Monday, April 02, 2007

Gonzogate: The Smirk Panics

Let's face it .. .Gonzo knows where a lot of bodies are buried ... like for instance the driving records of King George IV.

So, he is going to appear, under oath, in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 15th.

This is not a date picked out of thin air -- it is a date he and the White House negotiated with the committee.

Well --- now that Gonzo is in boiling oil up to his lyin' teeth he wants to move the date up to next week. Fat chance.

Let the SOB twist in the wind for a couple of weeks and let the bad news, revelations of emails, testimony of the other rats leaving the sinking Bush ship, just build and build and become more and more embarrassing.

It's called "oversight" -- remember that stuff from the Clinton administration?


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