Friday, September 10, 2004

Hey Pat, just take it and stuff it ...

That's the message from Florida Republicans to Pat Robertson, his pfat pfriend pFalwell, and to all the assholes who prayed for God to send a hurricane to Florida to kill all the gays.

Yep, that crazy Robertson woman, prayed on TV back in 1999 for doG to destroy Disneyworld with a hurricane for having a gay day. (Those fools actually think greenbacks from faggots spend as well as dollars from the Cherry Street Baptist Church).

Well, doG took her own sweet time to do it. But unlike the Biblical way of visiting death and destruction on humans God decided to punish the innocent non-gays rather than those fruits at Disneyworld ... or at least he/she/it has got very bad aim with Charlie and Frances and Disneyword is still standing -- so it's time for another try with Ivan.

There are a lot of Florida residents who wish (or is that, swish) that God would get his aim down a little better and send lightning bolts, or columns of fire, that would only squash Disneyword, and spare their homes and lives.


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