Friday, November 19, 2004

Suck it up boys and girls of the press

Ah, the whining, wailing, rending of garments and gnashing of teeth (and very white teeth they are too).

A reporter for a TV station has refused to give info to a grand jury and has been told by the judge that he had better think of what it will be like to sit in a jail cell for contempt until the whole thing is over.

If the folks in the press had been doing their job for the past few years, working for me, and not for their corporate and political masters, I might have a mild twinge of sympathy. But since they haven't I don't.

If I get called to a grand jury, and I am not the target of the investigation, I can't even claim the 5th to avoid giving them what I know. What makes a reporter so special that she/he can keep silent in the face of wrongdoing? Or if they do keep silent, shut up and take their punishment like a man/woman?

If these fine specimens of J School had a past history of being the slightest bit concerned about their readers/viewers and about actually getting the truth when it comes to government/politics/health/war/science/anything else, perhaps we could carve out a special status for them. But instead they have become corporate drones. Lazy, untalented, uncurious, and inept.

A pox on his house.

Suck it up, bubula.


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