Friday, December 03, 2004

ID -- neither Intelligent nor Design

The following was reported by Anne O'Reilly on Prof Vic Stengers AVOID-L discussion list.

Intelligent design has distinctly evolutionary nature By Barbara Forrest and Paul R. Gross The intelligent design movement is evolving, and it is happening in much the same way as natural selection shapes biological species.
Intelligent design, or ID, is being shaped by opportunities its proponents encounter as they try to promote ID as a science in the public mind and in public schools. Flip through the Discovery Institute's Center for Science and Culture's document titled the "Wedge Strategy," and you will find a plan "to replace [materialistic science] with a science consonant with Christian theistic convictions." ID proponents call themselves "the Wedge" and they developed this strategy 12 years ago; their efforts since provide ample opportunity to observe the evolution of their movement

The brain's activity key factor to belief in God By Michael A. Persinger
The experience of a sentient being is an integral component of human cognition and feeling. Experimental evidence indicates this common - although usually brief - experience, which is often attributed to God or some variant cultural label, is a product of the human brain. Because all experience is generated by brain activity and brain activity is controlled by genetic expression, either acquired or modified by experience, one might expect to find a God gene.


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