Sunday, December 05, 2004

Oops .. well, sorry about that

It seems that some passenger who boarded a flight -- one of over 100 possibilities -- is going to have a little surprise when he opens his luggage to find a half pound of RDX plastique explosive.

He will wind up in Assama bin Asscroft's detention center to be tortured until he confesses. That is until the crack gumshoes at airport security read the newspapers.

Seems as though the French flatfoots put the explosive in a passenger's baggage as a "test" of their airport security .... and then managed to lose the luggage.

Never mind, they say, after enough explosive got on an airliner to bring it down -- "It's no more dangerous than a chocolate bar".

Right ... and your name is Cleuseau -- right?

Naw -- even the good inspector wouldn't have screwed up this bad ... plus, he always won in the end ... they won't.


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