Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Bugman -Giving another Gift

Tom DeLay (R-104536 Leavenworth), the Majority Leader Bugman, needs something else to take away attention from his problems.

He found it in a dead woman.

First, he passes a budget for the US that is the most cruel budget in history ... cutting things like education, health care for the poor, food stamps, cops, firemen ... the list goes on. All at the same time giving a $130 billion dollar windfall to the rich, and making sure that corporations don't have to pay taxes at all - if they don't want to. (My guess is, they won't want to.) But he needed some cover for this rape of America. So, Thursday, we had the juiced-up baseball players who made fools of themselves by declaring that they were still heros to kids who want to play sports. And Friday ... oh, man ... what we got on Friday just buggers the imagination.

Bugman, along with his houseboy Roy Blunt of Missouri, (R-Billy'sBoyToyRoy), managed to almost suponea a dead woman to something in Congress -- I am not sure what.

Make no mistake. Terry Shiavo is dead -- DEAD -- has been for a long time now. Get over it.

She is no more alive than the cell culture in the incubator. Get over it again.

It reminds me of the insane, religious, seriously-whacked-out nutballs, and inbreds who surrounded the case of Nancy Cruzan. In one memorable tape, a crazy man approached her father, Joe Cruzan, a truly decent and caring man, on the steps of the hospital and held out a paper cup and tearfully begged him to give Nancy a drink of water. It was the most disgusting display of inhumanity I have ever seen. They hounded poor old Joe until he finally committed suicide a few years later. Joe is in heaven. His tormenters on earth will spend the rest of their time slowly roasting and having the demons of Hell give them in abundance exactly what they gave to Joe.

I can wish no less for the Bugman and Billy'sBoyToyRoy.

Oh -- did I mention that on one bitterly cold winter day, Joe Cruzan brought hot coffee to all those less-than-human cretins, who were making his life, and the life of the rest of the members of the family, hell on earth. What better comparison could you have. What better example of a man who acted like Jesus would act to those whose nailed him to the cross?


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