Monday, March 21, 2005

The digusting George Bush

Well, now the truth is coming out for Po'George.

Poor Terri Shiavo. She has no cerebral cortex. It has been replaced with fluid.

Those incredibly disgusting Repugs, like the Bugman and the BoyToyRoy, issued some talking points. But no one has the courage to admit they did it. Typical cowards. The talking points said that this poor woman would make a great issue to get Bill Nelson of Florida unelected in 1996.

And the great hyprocrisy of all from these "pro-life" cretins? In 1999, George Bush signed a law in Texas that gave the hospitals the right to pull the plug on a patient if they couldn't pay their bill. Wishes of anybody in the family be damned.

Never happen you say?

Well, wrongo, bubula.

It happened Saturday. A six month old boy at Texas Children's Hospital was taken off life support over the objections of his mother .. on the decision of the hospital alone ... no court action ... no nothing necessary. His mother was so poor she had never had any prenatal care before the child was born severely disabled .... thanks to the Smirking Chimp who had cut prenatal services in Texas.

I am really happy to hear that the crocodile tears of George Bush, the Bugman and The BoyToy are not flying with the American public of any stripe. They look like the opportunistic, hypocritical fools that they are ... and finally, even the Repugs can see it.


Blogger Andrew L said...

It looks like the 11th Circuit will not review this case, and this ordeal will finally be over in a few days.

My whole take is here.

10:16 AM, March 22, 2005  

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