Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Bombshell is coming - Be Prepared

Word is starting to leak out what is on those 84 still photos and 4 videotapes that Donald Rumsfeld does not want the American pubic, or any of the rest of the world for that matter, to see.

If you thought that a hillbilly pitchfork-pusher, doing the Lyndie, with American controlled prisoners, was vile, wait until you see what is thought to be on these.

The torture and rape of children as interogation techniques against their parents.

The rape and/or murder of adult prisoners.

It might be true that the Bush administration doesn't want us, or the world, to know the horrors they so thoughtlessly and untruthfully unleashed, but it will come out. And the only honorable part of it is that it may be the vets of Operation Fucking Disaster that will be the ones , like in Vietnam, who realise that is is their honor that has been sullied and dirtied, along with the rest of us.

A first rate military has been wasted for many years to come over what? WMD's? Oil? Power? "He tried to kill m'daddy?"

It will be very ugly and it will make us all think twice about who we are. A bright and shining light in the world? Or a bunch of powerful street thugs who are willing to do anything simply because we can.


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