Sunday, July 24, 2005

Not a fan, I presume?

Below you can find a comment from "anomyous" about the Biblical content of my commencement address to Baptist Bible College. "Anonymous" says I make him/her very sad.

Well, I don't want to bring additional sadness into the life of my fundie friends, at least not more than they experience every week at church, so perhaps I can give "anonymous" a thought that will cheer him/her up.

I have sitting here in front of me the Student Handbook of Baptist Bible College -- circa 1970. I am getting ready to devote the next blog to it. I promise that the quotes from it will have "anonymous" rolling on the floor -- although he/she will probably get in trouble for laughing at it, since Xtians was suppose to have "pious mein". I admit I don't know exactly what that means, but I think that after he/she spends all the day condemning the souls of her/his fellow men to everlasting torment, he/she is supposed to be saddened by the whole thing. Oddly, I have never met the fundie who seemed anything but happy to condemn my soul to everlasting torment.

And also one wonders about the courage of folks like "anomyous". (BTW, I hope you don't mind if I just call you "Anon".) I use my real name. All my friends use their real names on their blogs too, I don't have a hidden email account, and I don't worry about anyone knowing what I think or who I am. But then again, athiests are much more honest than Xtian fundies.

PS ... What is that thing on your lip??? Better put some ice on it.


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