Friday, September 30, 2005

Be Prepared in Advance for This

A Federal Judge has ruled that 83 still photos and 4 video tapes that Rhummy wanted to never see the light of the day must be released.

They are photos taken at the Abu Garib prison by US soldiers.

Be prepared for a shock at what our fellow Americans did in our name, and now want the respect we give to soldiers who risk their lives.

They will show the rape of children, young children, in front of their parents for purposes of intimidation.

They will show summary executions of men and women by Americans.

They will show other outrages.

The decent Americans, both in service, and not, will owe the world an apology through our highest leadership for allowing this sort of human rights abuses, and criminal behavior to occur, apparently with our leadership both approving, and then later trying to cover up.


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