Monday, September 26, 2005

Doin' the Lynndie

Lynndie ... doin' the Lynndie ... and having more fun than skinnin' a hog in back of the double-wide.

How do you do the Lynndie? Need instructions on the proper pose? Brand of cigarette? How to shift your weight to your back foot without falling on your face? Maybe how to do 10 years in the shuffle line to get breakfast at Leavenworth?

Doin' the Lynndie is becomming more popular, thanks to this cute picture, that makes grits look edible. Muslim men seem offended, but what the hey? Those terrorismists will get over it in a couple of generations -- and not try to blow up the statue of John Q. staring vacently at the US Courthouse. Try going HERE.

Even some world figures are getting in on the fun. Go here to see the Toy-Prez getting Lynndied by a world figure who obviously doesn't hold him in the same high respect that Les from Blue Eye does.

Send me your candids of locals getting Lynndied. I might suggest a couple of names that would be prize winners: Billy Long, Tom Carlson, any real estate developer (but I become redundant), Doc Yak, pastor of the Everlasting Holy Church of the Jesus Cult and Flying Spaghetti Monster, Matt Blunt, any football coach, the editorial board of the News and Loser, whoever it is that puts those stupid disclaimers at the start of every PBS TV show, Jim Bohannon, Wayne Newton, Aunt Norma Champion, Vincent David Jerico (aka Vince Shottenkirk), Ruth from Shell Knob, any landlord, a greeter from Walmart, any girl named Bambi or guy named Rick, Carol Jones, Phyliss Shafley or Satan (take your pick on those two).

And for a change how about a nekkid girl givin' the Lynndie to a guy in cammies?


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