Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Pity-Pat Eats Another Coprolite

Pity-Pat Robertson, (R-Crazierfundythan Assama), said on the 700 Club religious show from Hell that Katrina was punishment for New Orleans because Ellen Degeneres is from there -- and everybody knows what a perv she is - right?

(Gee .. why is it that Pity-Pat is starting to look a lot like that Pfat Phool Phalwell?)

doG seems to be much more tolerent to all 'dem queers in Key West, along with all the nekkid college kids, and not to mention all 'dem Commie Reds in Cubra, because Rita missed those joints.

However, Gawd and Rita are taking direct aim on the most evil place in the US.

Crawford, Texas.

Patty-Pat is praying hard that it will turn south.

Send him some money. It will help his diamond business and Jesus.


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