Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Night at the Moxie

Last night was the monthly get together and lie-a-lot meeting of the Springfield Bloggers. Our motto: drink, then adjourn. As usual you can listen to a podcast of the festivities at Andy Cline's Blog.

Since it was opening day for the Moxie Theater ... yes ... it is actually finished .. open for business -- and the bar is stocked!!!! We cruised on over to 408 W. Walnut to catch the flick and festivities.

This one is going to be a big hit. It was great. It's small and intimate, but the screen and sound are great. A long intermission allows time for girl watching, catch a smoke, talk about the movie, etc.

And it this is typical of the kind of movies that they will play ... oh, man. I have turned back into a movie fan.

The name of this little film is Me and you and Everyone We Know (If you want to see some reviews go HERE -- NOTE TO SPRINGFIELD FUNDIES: STAY AWAY --- we like it -- you will hate it ... save yourself the $8, and put the picket signs and gasoline cans back in the closet). This film won awards at Cannes, Sundance and others, and it is something that Springfield would have never seen if it wern't for the Moxie. No I won't tell you the plot, that would ruin it. But watch for the show to get stolen by a 7 year-old who has a riske internet relationship with an older woman, and his teenage brother who is the object of an --- er --- interesting experiment by two girls.

Adult entertainment for a non-fundy adult brain.

Thanks Dan and Nichole, and Dan Senior, and everyone else. You have given Springfield a treat.


Blogger Duane Keys said...

Sorry I missed the meeting, sounds like fun!

8:06 AM, September 22, 2005  

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