Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Time for Another War

Bush's popularity rating is now lower than Richard Nixon's or Pol Pot's. So, since he is a "War President", it's time for another war. So how about an oldy but goodie. A war on porn.

Radio Hag, Laura (R-I'mBetterThanYou) Schlessinger, says it's a good idea. But as you can see above it wasn't always better for her. For some far more explicit pics of Laura The Unloved, go HERE. But be warned -- bring your barf bag --- it is ugly, ugly, ugly. Oh, BTW, "Doc" was married at the time this photo was taken. But not married to the guy who took the photos... she was just shacking overnight. Oh my ... what will the children think?

Boy George is going to pull 100 FBI agents off unimportant duties like antiterrorism, white collar thieves running corporations, and criminals in the White House and Congress, to peruse pages of Playboy.

Porn, to my knowledge has never been illegal. Obscenity, which is entirely different, may or may not be illegal. But a preacher talking about sex, getting all sweaty in the pulpit, dreaming of sex, hating/loving sex with a ho in a sleazy motel room on Airline Highway --- man that's the stuff that fills the pews and the collection plate. And those are the Toy-Prez's constituents.

Imagine a perspiring FBI loon, deep in the darkened basement, pouring over photos or internet sites, looking for --- tits. Easy enough to find ... the above is an example ... fake, to be sure, but everything else about the Radio Hog is fake too.

The rest of George's wars are going so well ... Iraq, Afganistan, Venesula, the poor in New Orleans... just to think of a few. Oh well, win a few lose a few ...


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