Monday, October 03, 2005

Having some fun with goofs

I have a lot of fun taking photos. Occasionally when I am taking a photo out on the street someone will object to me doing it. Usually, I am courteous and then ignore them. But rarely someone will make a big deal out of it ... and I have had one run-in with some goons at the Federal Medical Center over taking some photos of trees in the driveway. (That little gem got the warden a letter from the ACLU asking if he were the idiot, or if he made it a policy to only hire idiots to work in his concentration camp.)

But I have noticed that if you are wearing a badge around your neck .. .you are official ... and people will leave you alone. So, I made up several, above is the latest, and I think the best.

Flickr is a photo site that gives a wonderful opportunity to show off photos and see photos from others. Everything is there except for hard-core porn. Photos range from great to lousy. You can go here to see mine.

Amazing how much respect otherwise intelligent people will give to a little piece of plastic.


Blogger John Stone said...

I have to take back the part about no hard core on flickr ... it's there... not common but hang around long enough and you will find it ...

5:22 AM, October 16, 2005  

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