Monday, December 12, 2005

WWJD - What Would Jesus Do?

Not exactly.

What Would Jenna Drink?

The ever-so-happy Bush twins are back in the news. They finally turned a legal 21 and had a big birthday bash, replete with tiered cake. They managed to blow a .25 on the candles.

I happen to remember that day on the utterly failed Rush Limba TV show that he mentioned the "White House Dog" and showed a picture of a then ungainly, surely unassured, typical teenager, Chelsea Clinton. The Pigboy made Presidential children fair game, and I follow in his dispicable tradition.

Incidentally, have you seen Chelsea recently?? A dog she is not.

Jenna's not a dog either. In fact, she is just downright cute ... in the sort of cute way that you find in cowboy bars, college Young Republicans meetings, and guests on the Jerry Springer Show.

But Jenna seems to have inherited some of her daddy's genetic material. She is continuing the Bush tradion of starting to drink at 5 PM and stopping 19 years later.

But along with all the bad news that comes from the Bush twins actions at frat parties, there is some good news. Jenna is learning to play a musical instrument.... the breathalyzer.

George had to have a little father-to-daughter talk with the girls. He reminded them that he has had to give up the wild life after he was seriously injured, and awarded a Purple Heart for sitting on a broken Lone Star bottle. He still carries a shard of glass in his butt. The fact that he is now a dry, rather than wet, drunk, is the reason he can speak clearly to their problem and not misunderestimate them like everyone else.

It is rumored however, that Jenna is not happy with the code name that she was given by the Secret Service -- Roger Clinton.

Like the day she was photoed in the back seat of the $250,000 heavily armored Presidential limo (I know some Marines in Iraq that would like to borrow that car), sticking her tongue out at the crowd. Way to go, Jenna. Good to see that you have made a successful entry into adulthood.

It interesting that the Bush family has failed to raise the bar in America. Turns out they really meant, close it.

Thank you freeps. I always read your mail with great interest and attention.

Postscript:NY Post: "Jenna and Barbara Bush lived up to their hard-partying reputation while in NYC supporting their pop, during the Republican Convention, according to our spies around town. The twosome kicked off aweek of fun last Sat at Chelsea hot spot 17, where...they partied with a group of 20 guests till the early hours. 'Jenna seemed more wild than Barbara,' said a witness. 'They probably got through about three bottles of Level vodka...' The conservative cuties' next big night was Wed. at Sixth Avenue nightclub Avalon, where they were in the crowd smoking cigarettes and pumping their fists to Kid Rock, who was performing onstage. 'They [and their entourage of about 25] drank $4,500 dollars worth of drinks - bottles and bottles of vodka,' says a club insider.'Then, having comped all the alcohol, they left a $48 tip. We thought 1%was kind of outrageous, considering they are the president's daughters."

And cheap too....


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