Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oh?? Really???

Bush was at the NSA today explaining why trashing the Bill of Rights was a good thing for him to do and praising the Agency for being good little lap-dogs and rolling over to have their tummy scratched.

He said this:

"When he says he's going to hurt the American people again, or try to, he means it," Bush told reporters after visiting the top-secret National Security Agency where the surveillance program is based. "I take it seriously, and the people of NSA take it seriously."

How interesting. I guess we are back to the "..dead or alive" position of a couple of years ago. About a year or so ago said the Ossama had been "marginalized" and he just wasn't concerned about him anymore.

So which is it George? Is he a bad guy who we should go after? Or is he just a loudmouth like Simple Scotty McClellen who acts like a twit and can be ignored?


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