Saturday, March 11, 2006

Lying for Jesus, Part II

The latest reincarnation of biblical creationism, called "Intelligent Design", is losing in every forum of the old creationism, in spite of the best spinning by the advocates.

The latest occurence is in the small town of Dover, PA, where the local school board lost the first court case brought by the ACLU, parents, clergymen and other interested parties.

The really sad thing ... and be forwarned any who might want to try to cram this stinker down our throats... is it cost the taxpayers of this small district $1 million in legal fees, plus whatever they spent for themselves. If your school board has a few million sitting around doing nothing, take this one on.

The best discussion I have seen of the history of "Intelligent Design" is found here, and is highly recommended reading.


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