Thursday, September 14, 2006

Glenn Frazier Miller Loves VD(J)

Who says that VD(J) is a racist piece of crap? Well, I do for one. For instance, the close buddy of a local Libertarian candidate (sit down Keith, I am just kidding - but I'll let you tell the story), shown above, has said some nice things about VD(J) helping him out. An interesting story is the Wikipedia entry for this piece of human waste.

(Bible loving trash that he is should learn to spell biblical names.)

The Wikipedia for the human waste at radio station KSGF is soon to follow.

TAA reported on radio news broadcast
TAA made radio news on 26 Dec 05 - KSGF (104.1 FM), Springfield, MO, resulting from 700 TAAs being distributed a few days earlier. (Phone 417-865-6614, Courtney Williams or Vince Gerico, for verification).


My Side of The Story
White Patriot Party
My Book - "A White Man Speaks Out"

Along the same lines, VD(J) is flogging the hell out of the Minutefreaks organization. Can't join the Masons and even the Shriners won't have you. Then you can still join an armed secret society. VD(J) had a guy call who started to say something about some forms that they are passing out to their members. VD(J) stopped him saying that he was giving away the organization's secrets and he wasn't allowed to do that and if he did it, they would just have to take care of him.

Little does VD(J) know that the Minutepussys already have more members in it's organization from the FBI than his pal Glenn Miller has in his.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it can be PROVED that the Minutemen is some sort of racist "society", please post credible links.

Just b/c the real racist in your post here - Miller - likes the Minutemen, doesn't mean they are LIKE him.

8:26 AM, September 15, 2006  
Blogger John Stone said...

Try this:

9:10 AM, September 15, 2006  
Anonymous Miss Prim said...

He's not racist. In his program today he only called Black people "colored." I'm sure it's a term of endearment.

9:43 AM, September 15, 2006  
Blogger The Libertarian Guy (tm) said...

Thanks for the opening, John. Short version of story for those who don't know:

Miller first tried to file as a Democrat; party refused his filing fee.

Miller told by Republicans to not even bother filing under their banner.

Miller tries filing as a Libertarian (we were the only other party on the statewide ballot at the time); we turned him down as well.

Miller invents term "Jewbertarian" as pithy, hilarious, witty retort. The Jewbertarian Party? I was never told how to join! I want to be part of that great Zionist Occupation Government! Like there is such a thing...

10:06 AM, September 15, 2006  
Anonymous Brittany said...

And let's not forget his repeated reference to "Orientals" the other day. Bigot? Maybe. Ignorant? You betcha.

12:09 PM, September 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's ignorant or bigoted about refering to people from the Orient as such?

8:59 AM, September 16, 2006  
Blogger John Stone said...

Waht's ignorant about it??? Other than the fact that it issued from the ass of VD(J)? I won't even wait for Brittany to answer: I'll tell you. "oriental" is a racial appelation. It is intended to refer to appearance, rather than the more proper term, if you don't know the national heritage of the person, of "asian".

When possible I use the national appelation, Japanese, Korean, Polynesian, Mongolian, ---if possible. If I don't know I go with asian. The only time "oriental" is acceptable is when you are talking about a broad group ... like Waga-wagas, or coons, or slant eyes .... or a specific genetic make-up which includes a lot of thinks that VD(J) would have a chance in hell of understanding.

9:27 AM, September 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, as a "cracker"... who do *I* go to for racial-epithet relief? Or do I just put up with it?

Ahh, what do I know... I'm just a blue-eyed devil. White male oppressor, and all that rot.

Funny, though... I have hazel eyes, and have never "oppressed" anyone. But tell that to the New Black Panther Party...

7:46 AM, September 19, 2006  
Blogger The Libertarian Guy (tm) said...

Maybe we need to publicly post signs listing "unapproved" words.

Wait... forget I mentioned it. Idle politicians' hands are the devil's toolshop...

8:02 AM, September 19, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not like Jericho doesn't have a heart - he did keep the Reverend Phelps crew from disrupting a funeral a while back. If he agreed with them, he wouldn't have intervened by giving one of those freaks airtime in exchange for screeching about "fags" at the gravesite...

11:06 PM, September 20, 2006  

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