Thursday, December 28, 2006

How Badly are We Being Ripped Off by Utilities?

As I was listening to the BBC this morning there was a report of the Ukraine agreeing to sell natural gas to Western Europe for $105 per 1000 cubic meters.

This is going to take some math conversion so stick with me.

There are 35,314 cubic feet in 1000 cubic meters. At the price of $105 the cost for natural gas is $0.003 per cubic foot.

On my last bill from CU I was charged $0.08 per cubic foot. This is 27 times what the Ukranians are charging the W. Europeans.

I thought of the cost of transportation --- that argument doesn't fly since the Ukranian pipeline is a minimum of three times longer that the pipeline for Springfield.

World energy prices? What a joke that is on all of us given by monopolies to justify profiteering and gouging in light of the figures above.

So the next time you hear CU's spin machine tell you what a good deal Springfield has -- give John Twitty a call and ask him about these numbers

If I were paying what the Europeans are paying to heat my house my last bill would have been $2.70 rather than $109.00. But that wouldn't have paid for the high-priced help at CU, would it?


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