Saturday, January 13, 2007

Huge Ice Storm Occuring

Limbs destroyed my fence and a tree is blocking the drive ... and I am worried about a tree that is close to where I am sitting.

Look like I will probably lose power ... along with the rest of the city before it is all over. Watch here for damage reports when it gets light ... if I ever get back online ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sure you are the most reliable source of damage reports out there. NOT.

12:31 AM, January 13, 2007  
Anonymous acline said...

Springfield Bloggers meet tonight 1/16 at 7. Pass the word.

11:02 AM, January 16, 2007  
Blogger John Stone said...

Hummmm ... Anon 1231 Jan 13th.

What do you think of my prognostication skills now that you are probably still out of power?

Next time, save your ammunition until you can actually locate your target.

5:23 AM, January 20, 2007  

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