Tuesday, January 09, 2007

VD(j) Has a Good Idea

First listen to the loudmouth of SGF HERE ....

This morning he ranted about a subject that is fairly near and dear to my heart. Selling your own organs for some easy money. So I offer the following that I have been thinking about for awhile. (I am going to get serious about this subject at the end.) But I could use the dough.

This offer is only open to people who will benefit from the purchase:
(1) Males only, under 21 years old, unmarried, if you are married - forget it, why bother.
(2) Rich
(3) Good looking
(4) Non college student -- there are some parts of this blog that would be unbelievable.

I am willing to sell my penis. Hell, I don't use the damn thing anymore anyway. No body's even interested in it. Even the hOOters girls are more interested in tips.

But I want it to go to the right person; someone who can enjoy it as much as I have, someone who will appreciate it's health to replace the non-working one they have, someone who will remember me fondly when it is in use. (At my age I have to sit down anyway.)

Billy Long tells me I have to have an opening bid ... $250K sounds about right to me.

On a serious note ... rich Europeans are buying kidneys (mostly) from poor men they find in the slums of Rio. They are taken to Europe where the surgery is performed, are paid about $1000 US, and as soon as possible flown back to Brazil where they are dumped. No after-care... no nothing. It is becoming a big problem for the Brazilian healthcare system.

This is what the Libs would call the "free market", except for the fact that all the problems are thrown onto the desperate who sell the body parts and the rest of society who doesn't like to see people die in the gutter.


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