Friday, March 23, 2007

Photos on Flickr - The Karate Cat

In the sidebar you can find a link to "My Photos". This link takes you to flickr, where I have almost 3500 of my own photos up and there are over 18 million photos in all.

Flickr is a great site, brought to me by Zach (who is scary-talented for a teenager), where one can find any kind of photo, good to bad, innocent to porn, beautiful to ugly.

If you visit, get a screen name and start looking for photos you like. You can download high res versions of most of them. And if you find photographers that you particularly like you can follow what they post automatically.


Anonymous Charlie said...

Special photo that's funny, but I think it could be true because my cat Sildenafil knows to apply some of those techniques.

10:21 AM, September 22, 2010  

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