Thursday, September 30, 2004


Blogs, I have discovered are great fun. First, they keep my friend's mailboxes less cluttered. Next, they give me an opportunity to vent ... and I am always correct with my venting. And lastly I get some interesting email from; freeps, fundamentalists, child pornographers, Repuglies, and other assortered scum that verify my opinion that the death penalty is absolutely essential in some cases ... euthanasia will do in a pinch.

I was informed that my erstwhile Libertarian pal, Tom Knapp, now has a blog that you can see here. Tom is a great guy to visit with and share a bottle of scotch ... he just has some goofy ideas ... but I repeat the fact that he is a Libbyloonie.

Tom and I were on a local talk radio show together, you can see his normal looks, not the "new image" he puts on his blog, by going here. He was kind enough to point out to the not-too-bright girly that runs the radio show that there IS a difference between a bathamet and a Star of David. But it's an understandable mistake on her part ... she's a Repug too.

Tom and I had the fascinating experience of picking the then Presidential Candidate Harry Bowne (and his drop-dead gorgeous wife) at the airport one day and spending an hour with him in a car on the way to a speech in Branson. (There is a really great story about running into my old college pal Jim Bohannon in the men's room -- it wasn't one of his better days). Browne allows how the Libby's will have millions of members by 2004. I managed to keep a straight face, but only because of his wife.

My other read-everyday blog is the one-and-only Ron Davis. Ron is not only the most talented wit I know, he also has my sense of humor. For instance, his lead story today is: "JESUS FOUND FLOATING DOWN THE RIO GRANDE".

How can you not like that??


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