Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Spinning Rather's screw up

You would think that as much as the crazy right wing hates Dan Rather, they would be satisfied just to see him screw up and have to publicly apologies ... but noooooooooo ...that not enough for the spinners.

First, Rather did screw up. As managing editor he is where the buck stops. Why he didn't insist on seeing the original documents seems to be to be at best sloppy work, and at worst, a symptom of why "journalism" stinks so badly today. It's nothing that you don't see every day in your local paper or on Fox News or ...Gawd ... talk radio, the worst of the lot.

Second, we don't have the full story of this one yet. Not by a long shot. While the spinners have been screaming about the "process" of the mistake ... none of them, save the BBC, have been the slightest bit interested in the truths contained in the information. None of which have been denied by George Bush, his spokesmen, or anyone else.


George Bush was trained at the taxpayer cost of millions of dollars to fly.


George Bush went to a different unit in Alabama, where no one ever saw him, for reasons that are not to this day clear.


George Bush, for some reason, refused to take a medical exam, when given a direct order to do so.


George Bush transferred out of the Alabama Air Guard and given direct orders to report to another unit of his choice and never did so.

Those are the fact behind the documents. Those are the facts ignored by George Bush and all his spinners.

Bush himself could have laid all these questions to rest years ago by answering them honestly and not evading the questions. In addition, evidence exists that his records were "scrubbed" and so he thinks that no written trail as to his misbehavior exists.

He is wrong ... and every journalist and former military person, knows it. That's why the search goes on for documents in out-of-the-way places. And that is why Rather accepted the documents at face value.

Some idiot on talk radio says that Bush should sue CBS for defamation. I would love to see this. We could put Bunnypants under oath ...and gee ...remember what fun you can have with putting Presidents under oath??


Anonymous Anonymous said...

another liberal moron with a blog...yawn.

11:23 PM, September 24, 2004  
Blogger John Stone said...


You must be a $cientologist.

9:56 AM, September 26, 2004  

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