Sunday, September 19, 2004

Cops realize they look like assholes

Remember that story of the mother who's son was killed, who was arrested at a Bush rally for one of those crap charges that cops use to throw you in jail when you haven't done anything wrong? Seems as though her son was killed in Iraq, and she was unpatriotic enough to want to know why ... rather than just being a good little sheeple, and going home and shutting up?

See the story here

Well, it turns out that the military is filled with the same old jerks, creeps, sadists, and low-life scum that we got to know so well during Vietnam. They are almost as bad as the cops that arrested her.

See the partial answer to her questions here.

But how's this for an exerpt:

He was in debt. If you're looking for me to say patriotism, I'm not. They [the Army] offer you the world. They give you signing bonuses. Give you college, upfront money, health insurance ­ [recruiters are] great salesmen.

How long did he serve for before going to Iraq? Nothing. He had just finished training at end of July. He went to Fort Drum on Monday. They told him on Tuesday, you're gone, you're out. He never had experience being in charge. He definitely did not have training in what ended up killing him.


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