Sunday, September 12, 2004

Springburg Bluesfest

What a wonderful event.

My pal Ron Davis will have more on his blog later. I had sworn to scoop him on the first blog-post, but --- I can't win them all.

Probably by Friday I will have film back from the lab for some photos ... stay tuned.

It was a first time for me ... but it definitely will not be the last. Davis and Woody Justice (the local jeweler, raconteur, and general man-about-town) had done a lot of work, and set up a VIP tent, which provided badly needed shade for me, plus some very welcome adult beverages. Woody is a really nice guy and all of his staff deserve congrats for a great show.

The entertainment was spectacular. I will have more to say when the photos come back, but there were two girls who performed that I had never heard of who were nothing short of spectaular ... I think they are going to go somewhere in show biz.

If you are anywhere around Springfield, Missouri about this time next year, make plans for a day at Bluesfest. Also, in a wonderfully filled weekend, the Japanese Stroll Gardens, has it's fall festival. Complete with entertainment from our sister city. To see this park is pure eye candy. Almost as good as a pretty girl.


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