Sunday, September 12, 2004

N Korea sets off nuke???,5744,10748144%5E2703,00.html

Hundreds in S Korea report hearing a monster explosion and seeing a mushroom shaped cloud over N Korea last week.

What have you heard about this in the US press?

To say this is scary is a huge understatement. Japan will be all over our asses to take them out and it will be very difficult for us to say "no".

The capitol of S Korea is in immediate mortal danger.

If they have one that works you can bet the baby that they have more ... exactly how many? They have said in the tens ...

Colin Powell says it's a forest fire.

Iraq and N Korea ... the shit created by the neo-cons just keeps getting deeper and deeper. And there are people who will vote to put them into office (note: I did not say reelect).


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