Thursday, September 16, 2004

Iraq Outlook - Gloomy to alarming to disasterous

You can read the story here

It "would be fair" to call the document "pessimistic," the official added. But "the contents shouldn't come as a particular surprise to anyone who is following developments in Iraq. It encapsulates trends that are clearly apparent."

As chaos takes hold in the destroyed country, and US deaths reach the highest levels so far, the Bush administration takes the second chimp approach -- hear no evil.

George Bush was overheard today talking to Kinda'Sleezy Rice saying, "Halliburton's going to take care of it." At a press conference the acid loving Donald said that, "Is Iraq a horror? Some might say that. Are the Iraqis asking again for water and lights? Some might just call that selfish. Did that snake in the fire emergency box outside the door rise up an spit at me like a demon from hell when I walked by? There are witnesses. "

There will be no elections because there is no more Iraq. We bought it in blood and dollars given to Brown and Root. There are three Iraqs. One in the north, run by the Kurds, and so-so friendly until they can get their army built up and establish the Kurdish State out of part of Iraq, part of Turkey, and part of Iran. There is the Shite State of the South -- we are staying away as far as we can, and letting our British co-conspirators have this tar-baby. And there is what we laughingly call a country, centered on Baghdad, who dosen't even have a police force that can stay alive ... lot's less the Army it will need to fight off Syria and Iran.

And that's where we come in ... again ... and again ... and again ....


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