Sunday, September 12, 2004

A really terrific interview

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"He’s wrapped himself in the glory of a veteran and military.

"He is possibly the least qualified person, apart from Dick Cheney who didn't turn up at all, to do this. But it's very dangerous because he's playing to a streak in American life of not so much the military, but the people who see the military as a repository of republican values, of the one incorruptible part of American society. These people have very low regard for politicians, journalists, lawyers, but the military, they're the people who make sacrifices. He has wrapped himself in that.

"What he's saying now is ‘You cannot criticize my war in Iraq, because you're criticizing our military serving abroad, and I represent our military.’ I'm surprised by the number of times that he has called himself the commander-in-chief. He's always calling himself the commander-in-chief. A commander-in-chief that ignores the advice of his own military, leads us into a war that he declared was over 15 months ago when he landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln. It was to announce it was an end to significant hostilities, it was mission accomplished. A lousy commander-in-chief on his current record, and he has no rights for the pretensions for the military on his past record."


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